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28 steps to grow your fanbase and your profile as an upcoming musician

Have you wondered how other musicians seem to get their songs played in the streets and get bookings even before their songs are on radio? What you might or might not know is that they follow a 28 steps strategy which we will share with you below.

How Mapara A Jazz, The John Vuli Gate Sensation Rose To Stardom?

Since Mapara a Jazz album broke in August 2020, we have seen their global rise to fame. In one month, their hit John Vuli Gate has been downloaded in 23 countries and 92 cities in the world. Their fame has been received by much fanfare by their true fans.


We provide a platform to emerging artists who want to grow, build and monitor their fan base.

The platform allows the emerging artists to distribute their music for free globally and to be able to improve the quality of their music.