Terms and Conditions of use 

Please note: Us/SocksandTie (Pty) Ltd and Qlikstrim.io may be used interchangeable. 

  1. Qlikstrim.io is a platform mainly for connecting content creators and/or contributors to the public and as a result we do not pay royalties as a result of streaming of such content from our platforms directly unless certain thresholds are met.
  2. As a result, SocksandTie (Pty) Ltd (The Company that owns Qlikstrim.io) is not liable for any content uploaded to any of our platforms.
  3. You agree that you have the rights and privileges to the content that you are and have uploaded.
  4. You take full responsibility for the content you have uploaded. You indemnify Qlikstrim.io and its associated partners and brands from any damage they may occur.
  5. You will be held liable for any misrepresentations. Misrepresentations may lead to penalties and or jail time.
  6. SocksandTie (Pty) Ltd will assist you advance a music video to to the specific songs once they reach the minimum threshold of 5000 unique downloads. You will requested for your consent when that period arrives.
  7. We reserve the right to use any of our partners to deliver on any promise we may have made to you. Our sponsorship of music is discretionary. If our panel of experts raise any concerns, we reserve the right to decline providing any sponsorship.
  8. In exchange for sponsoring your song(s), you will give us at least 30%  of the royalty of the song(s). 
  9. We will monitor the streaming minutes and/or activity generated in other platforms. We reserve the right to take down music on our platforms at any time, especially if it violates any of our terms of use.
  10.  We do not offer payment for the streaming of your content and/or download of your music on Qlikstrim.io.
  11. As soon as your content reaches a total of 15000 downloads, we will automatically convert the subsequent downloads from free downloads to paid downloads.
  12.  We are not liable to how you choose to spend the revenue paid by us or any of our partners to you.
  13. In case your banking information is required, you take responsibility for providing the correct banking details to us.
  14. We will also endeavour to submit your music to the necessary traditional media once it reaches the minimum thresholds subject to their checks.

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